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Using HTML formatting in a product name


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Is there a quick fix for this apparently simple request ?


Basically the aim is to enter a products name and add a bit of html code to it.

So for example :


product name = item1


but when adding in the info via the admin panel, it needs to be something like:


product name = <font color="#ff0000">Item1</font>


This works, but it does have some negative impact in products attributes, and also the preview page.. mainly in the respect of messed up text call back, as it shows all the html and does not actually parse it in these sections.


I have tried using escapes.. i.e <font color=\"#ff0000\">Item1</font>

and varients of this approach, but no luck so far...


any ideas for a quick solution ?


Thank you in advance ;)

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I just fixed this ! :lol:


dont use " in the formatting !

and it sorts it all !


Answering my own posts here.. but this might help someone

who is trying to effect the same !


This is actuall pretty handy.. as you can make a multi colored

product name if you ever wanted.. regardless of the stylesheet! ;)

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