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Rename index.php


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I want to change the file name for temporary reasons ie setting it up. I have a default page for now and hate changing file names everyday I want to work on it. How can I change the index.php name to something else and where are the references to it so I can make it functional for troubleshooting purposes until I am ready for public use?



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try putting an index.html file in the same directory saying 'Come back soon' or something like that.

most (not all) httpd.conf files are setup to see an index.html prior to an index.php

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You can direct it to index.html via .htaccess, or you can back up your existing index.php files as index2.php files, add this file to includes/filenames.php, and then in the same file where it says


define('FILENAME_DEFAULT', 'index.php');


change it to


define('FILENAME_DEFAULT', 'index2.php');


osCommercwe works with the DEFAULT file as the index page it returns to, so you should be okay with this for testing purposes.


Then you strip the content out of includes/laguages/english/index.php and put your 'Site Under Maintenance' message in there. People will arrive at that page by default. However, if they start to navigate about they will progress to the rest of the site, and will return to index2.php.



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