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The e-commerce.

easy populate refuses to upload


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i get this message that has a few responses here - but mine shows differently.

even when i simply download the database and reload it immediately without any changes

the message is;


- File uploaded.


Temporary filename: /tmp/phpXSATZ6

User filename: EP2004Nov24-140222.txt

Size: 86

| CBCI3C | 3.3617 | 1 Updated

1054 - Unknown column 'products_mediumimage' in 'field list'


UPDATE products SET products_price.....


-i've looked at line 1054 in easypopulate.php and it looks like this - nothing to do with the defective column;


#'v_customer_price_4' => $iii++,


any ideas please

where is line 1054.


any ideas please? i've been struggling for days over this..


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http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=64945 is the support thread for easypopulate, post responses there.


the error you are getting is saying it doesnt know about products_mediuminage did you add this field to easypopulate?

do you have that field in products in easy populate?


again, answer this in the easypopulate thread



how do you know that this is the thread, where do you look to find it? i posted a response to your query on the thread posted, but i still think it listed in the general contributions area.

i'm struggling with the site map of thses forums.

is there a site map?

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