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Fraud Pending - no oscommerce notification


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We have discovered a pattern.


If we go into HSBC epayments site and we see an order there which has the status of fraud pending, oscommerce is not informed of the order. It means we are not receiving all orders through osc, and are unaware unless you keep checking HSBC's site.


WHat this means is we have to keep logging into hsbc every day to check no orders have been made without us knowing, as nothing shows in oscommerce's order list in this instance.


It also means we don't know what the customer ordered, so we have to email them and ask them what they ordered as well as checking their credit card details, which isn't very professional at all.


Is this something we can sort out easily? Is it HSBC's end of OScommerce?


Hoping for help fast!



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As far as i'm aware (not 100%), whatever payment method you use, the order is not confirmed and updated in your oscomm unless the customer reaches the checkout success page.

Do you have the callback set up so the customer can complete the entire process and return to your site after payment.

If you do, HSBC may not be calling back to your site beause the payment has not been confirmed as it is fraud pending. Check with HSBC.



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Make sure that in your HSBC osCommerce module that Pending Error Codes is set to'0' (zero).


HSBC has a good fraud detection system, so if you're getting a lot of orders with this status then it's probably your customers screwing up their entries.


There's nothing wrong with calling up the customer, having your HSBC terminal open, and inputting the details as a telephone order. Then, if it gets rejected, you know it's something wrong with the card.



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