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Some Products Are Blank, why?

mikey boy

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I've used Easy Populate to stock my store, but some of the items are blank. There's no image, name, description or price. There seems to be no pattern to this problem, I've compared unaffected items & the details are almost identical, yet they appear normally!


The store has 7900 lines, with 8 headers (name, description, image, etc etc) the correct headers are used, but only the ones relevant to the items I'm selling (ie not weight, or the languages 2 & 3 options etc etc). They appear in the correct order as shown in the Easy Populate instructions.


One clue might be that some of the text appears odd. A ' appears as a combined AE. A " is shown as an o with 2 dots above it & so on. Another is that the process seems to hang, an incomplete list of updated or added products is eventaully shown sometimes cutting off part way through an image name or item description.


I've tried reducing my inventory to 6,000 lines to see if there was any problems with sheer size, but it made no difference.


I've also downloaded the SQL database into Access & found that the affected items have the info missing there, so it seems to be the way the SQL DB has been built up, not the way a correctly assembled & populated DB is being handled.


I've read the Easy Populate instructions & changed all sorts of settings, nothing makes any difference apart from making it not work at all. I've also searched the FAQs & Knowledge bases, but haven't seen this problem yet.


Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions (& yes, I have RTFM)


OsCommerce 2.2MS2, Easy Populate 2.74 MS 2

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