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Linking "stock" {database} to multiple sites.


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I have three different sites all with different URL's and they are basically selling the same products (give or take a few for the different markets each site is aimed at). i.e. One designed with young people in mind, one for adults and one for older adults. Some products are OK for all sites, others have are more specific to one audience.


I currently upload each product separately (meaning duplication of effort - adding the same product, description and picture on each site individually). I have found a contribution - Easy Populate - which should make this easier however, I am still left with a couple of problems:


Some products can become low on stock from time to time. I have OSC updating/deducting stock automatically which is great. However, suppose we only have 5 of a certain product left in stock and a customer orders 4 from one site and somebody else orders 2 from another?


Although the stock level will be updated to 1 remaining on the 1st site, the 2nd site would still be set at "5" allowing the customer to checkout with 2 in the basket even though the actual level is 1.


We are having to manually update two sites stock level every time an order is placed on the other site.


Is there a way to link all the stock levels? i.e. Have "stock level" taken from one central database.


Some products also have different prices for the different sites. I have yet to find a contribution to solve this, can anyone help?


Ideally I would like to use one central database from where the products and attributes can be taken from for all three sites. This would include the stock level, different prices and some sort of activation box for each site allowing some products to be unique to one site whilst others are featured on all 3.


Sorry for the long post, I probably over explained the situation. Slightly confusing but need help. All this manual updatated is taking too much time!

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