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Customers get error creating new account


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When a customer tries to create a new account, they fill out all of the information on create_account.php, and then click Continue to get this error:


1062 - Duplicate entry '21' for key 1

insert into customers_info (customers_info_id, customers_info_number_of_logons, customers_info_date_account_created) values ('21', '0', now())



The "21" part auto-increments upwards, even after I've deleted everything but my own account (which is "3").


I've tried deleting every single customer (my site isn't live, yet) out of both the customers table and the customers_info table, as well as the address_book table so that there is no customers_info_id or customers_id that matches the duplicate entry number, but the error still comes up. I have PWA installed, but turned off in the admin because I had too many problems with it.. I think the error might have to do with that, but I'm not sure - searching through all of the forums hasn't yielded good results.


Even though the customer gets that error page, their information still gets inserted perfectly into my database, incuding the customers_info_number_of_logons & customers_info_date_account_created information. There is NO duplicate in either customers or customers_info (my account is the ONLY one in there) - so what's going on?


Any help is MUCH appreciated!



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Well, it was nothing a little comparsion program work couldn't solve. Apparently the contribution that enables you to ask the customer where they found out about you from handles that statement, but when I updated to the new version of PWA, I uncommented the old statement again, making the file try to do the same thing twice.



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