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403 Forbidden


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At this stage I haven't been able to identify the cause but it is recuring. We can click through a few products and after a while a 403 error is produced.


I have changed file and directory permissions to 777 but it hasn't helped. The really frustrating bit is that if the page is refreshed it will often load correctly.


Testing has been difficult as things tend to be cached at any number of locations along the way. I was actually unaware of the problem until one of the client pointed it out to me.


We suspect it may be related to images but at this stage I'm not sure how. This is based on the fact that when I make all products use the same image it is much harder to produce an error.


I have also tried putting in delay routines between different sections of code in case there might be conflicts but this has had little to no effect.


I have been communicating with the ISP quite a bit and they have assured me that there isn't anything they are aware of. They have been very helpful and also seem quite keen to resolve the problem as they recommend oscommerce to their clients.


Any suggestions or feedback anyone can offer is greatfully appreciated.



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If you are on a shared server you shouldn't use caching (turn it off in your osCommerce Control Panel) and you shouldn't use files to store session data. In your two configure.php files, change the last line to read like so:


define('STORE_SESSIONS', 'mysql');



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Thanks for the replies guys but it has been resolved.


I tried putting my site onto another server and didn't have any problems. Faced with this my ISP went and had a look at their settings and found they had mod_evasive enabled (it is an anti-ddos module). Because of all the images we have are being resized, if someone was moving through the site quickly the produc_thumnail.php gets a fair workout and it simulated a ddos, so it locks down the file(s)/folder(s) from getting hit.


They have increased the threshold for us and no more problems. B)


p.s. the site is www.posshop.com.au (still a work in progress)

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