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FedEx Read Time Quotes Problem


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Hello, I have been searching these forums for a response to a problem. Many many people have had this problem, but no one has posted a fix. I am getting the following error.


No response to CURL from Fedex server, check CURL availability, or maybe timeout was set too low, or maybe the Fedex site is down


I have tried many settings etc, my host has curl and openssl.


Any one able to help?



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  • 5 weeks later...

I've just installed the Fedex Real Time Quotes 2.04 contribution (by Steve Fatula).

It's a geat modul even if it has some bugs.

I replaced the //$data .= '68,"USD"'; with $data .= '68,"CAD"'; on line 363 in fedex1.php.

it works great within Canada but when I try to ship from Canada to USA only

the International First choice is acurate! The stuff what I replaced has almost no influence.



Shipping form Calgary,AB, T2E8M5, Canada

Destination: San Diego, CA, 92118, USA


from the modul:

Federal Express (1 x 29.7kgs)

International First $384.36

International Priority (1-3 Days) $232.77

International Economy (4-5 Days) $173.18


Urom Fedex webpage:

FedEx International First Overseas delivery by 8 a.m. to major cities 384.36

FedEx International Priority Reach major business centers in 24 to 48 hours 334.60

FedEx International Economy Time definite delivery in 2 business days 216.74


What is the problem?

Any ideas?



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How to activate the next xml communication loging from the fedex1.php (line 290)?

I've tried to entirely remove the IF part but no influence. The echo is suppersed somehow. :(



echo "Data sent to Fedex for Meter: " . $data . "<br>";

$fedexData = $this->_AccessFedex($data);



echo "Data sent to Fedex for Meter: " . $data . "<br>";

$meterStart = strpos($fedexData,'"498,"');


I really need to see what is sent and what received to/from fedex.

Any ideas?



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I figured out that the best is to use a kind of BLACK MAGIC like this:


$this->logfile = '/tmp/fedex1.log';


if ($this->logfile) {

error_log("------------------------------------------\n", 3, $this->logfile);

error_log("Time in Transit: " . $this->timeintransit . "\n", 3, $this->logfile);


It logs stuff into a file and it works fine.


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There is shipping cost difference for the Shipping from Canada to USA!


I connected the Fedex Web support and now I'm tying to figure out

why the values from Fedex web page and Fedex XML are different.

No answer yet! It takes so long!!!







Calgary, AB, T2E8M5




New York, NY 10016

United States



1kg package, onw packaging, value 100 CAD (dimension not specified)


Price from http://www.fedex.com/ratefinder/shipInfo:

FedEx International First 121.70

FedEx International Priority 60.79

FedEx International Economy 46.78



Price from XML parser :

International First 121.70

International Priority 40.74

International Economy 29.83



Shipping to USA



/********** THE LOG FILE ************/

FEDEX URL: gateway.fedex.com/GatewayDC


FEDEX REQUEST: 0,"25"10,"**********"498,"*********"8,"AB"9,"T2E8M5"117,"CA"17,"10016"16,"NY"50,"US"75,



FEDEX RESPONSE: 0,"125"1376,"KGS"1133,"4"1273-1,"01"1274-1,"01"1090-1,"CAD"431-1,"N"1402-1,"1.0"1416-1,






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For the destination within Canada (example Toronto)

the shipping cost from Fedex web page and XML are

allways exactly the same, it is good!!!




Toronto, m5b2c1, ON, Canada


FEDEX URL: gateway.fedex.com/GatewayDC


FEDEX REQUEST: 0,"25"10,"***********"498,"********"8,"AB"9,"T2E8M5"117,"CA"17,"m5b2c1"16,"ON"50,"CA"75,"KGS"1116,



FEDEX RESPONSE: 0,"125"1376,"KGS"1133,"4"1273-1,"01"1274-1,"01"1090-1,"CAD"431-1,"N"1402-1,"1.0"1416-1,







Edited by gorcsos
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Since my business originates in Canada, Is the Fedex Ship Manager API at fedex.ca the same as the Fedex Ship Manager Direct API at fedex.com? Allowing the module to retrieve the live rates domestically and internationally in CAN dollars?


Thanks in advance!

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Are you folks able to get fedex international quotes, from US/Canada to other countries? I'm not able to, even with a fresh install, and am wondering if it's just a limitation of the module. The old fedex module worked fine internationally out of the box. Thanks !

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