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The e-commerce.

Some help for the newbie


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I am wanting to open a shop on the interent soon, and i have found you oscommerce and it looks great, but i have a few questions.


Is it secure? What would i have to do to make it secure if it isn't?


Is there a limit to the amount of products you can list?


Can you list in ?'s and only make it available to people in the UK?


Any thats all for now.




Peter. :thumbsup:

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Security Suggestion: Don't... I repeat... DON'T enable global_variables. Major security risk. Look through the osCommerce community contributions for a global_variables fix. You only have to edit a handful of files to secure the issue.

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:) . One more question.


What is it secured with and what are the payment methods?




Peter.  :thumbsup:

It is secured with whatever SSL you purchase. Remember, you get what you pay for...


Payment methods? Look through the contributions area here: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions/category,1


Also, osCommerce comes standard with these gateways: http://www.oscommerce.com/about/gateways

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To add to my other question:


Will it run on this package ok:


Plan Features

2,500 MB web server space

2,500 POP e-mail Accounts

75 GB Transfer


24-hour FTP/Control Panel Access  Web based E-Mail (@Mail)

Support for Multiple Domain Pointers ($12 per pointer) 

Web based account management center

MS FrontPage 2002, Flash, MYSQL, PHP4, PERL5 and SSI Support 

Your very own cgi-bin directory

Stats Package (analyze your traffic)

Unlimited e-mail forwarding, alias & autoresponders

Geographical domain hosting


Thanks for all your help.



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I'm new to the secure part of it, would you be able to give me a rough outline of how it works. (so how you would set it up etc)


The very quick and dirty method:


1. Rename the admin directory to something, anything, that only you know. So if someone goes searching for your admin pages they have to figure out what you've named the directory. Make sure you change all the references in the configure.php files.

2. Your webspace provider's admin panel may (should?) have a "Protect Directories" function. Select your newly renamed admin directory and set a username and password for it.

3. Once you have a security certificate installed (if you have trouble doing this, talk to your provider) access your admin area only through a link starting with https, so you're always accessing the area securely.


If you want to get fancy you can install one of the contributions, or edit the admin directory .htaccess file directly (if you're on Apache), but the above is at least a starting point.


I see in your provider stats a mention of Frontpage. I've heard that OSC has problems with Frontpage, though I don't know what they are. I would suggest if you can avoid it, don't have Frontpage installed.

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