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Resource Intensive


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I have been successfully running my oscommerce shop on a shared server for over 12 months.


Over the last three months we have managed to increase our traffic to around 1200 unique visitors per day.


Today I received the following message from my host....


This email is to inform that this is a result of one of your accounts, egyptiandreams.co.uk  getting to the point where it's outgrowing shared hosting. This account has been at the top of high resource accounts on this server for a while and it's requiring more and more resources as time goes on. Earlier today I tested this by removing http access for a few minutes and as soon as I did this, the load dropped to a more normal level. Upon restoring http access, load was back at 5-8 within a few minutes.


I was wondering whether you have considered a more powerful platform for your reseller account which will allow your sites to grow without affecting other users/websites on the shared server? I would recommend a dedicated server though this will depend on your budget. We may be able to provide a VPS server (only US based unfortunately) which would also be suitable for a while and will allow for greater resource use.


I don't use persistant connections, have optimised my images and don't see how I can be using that many resources. I have a reseller account which allows around 50GB of bandwidth/month and the site in question currently utilises around 20-25Gb/month.


Am I really using that much in resources or do you think my host just wants me to part with more cash? The increase to move to a dedicated is around 380% which I can't justify for 1200 visitors/day.


Your thoughts would be appreciated.




p.s. the site is http://www.egyptiandreams.co.uk

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No problem...if you want I can help optimize the site as a "case study".  When we are done I'll make a thread detailing what we found and how we corrected it.  Something like this: http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=121913


Let me know...others may benefit from what we find and also how to fix it.


this probably isn't the place to post this, but i got this from your siggy here...


I used your header link contribution, and is there a way so that when the user puts the mouse over the link to make it appear to be a link? otherwise they probably won't even know they can click on it :/



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In includes/classes/boxes.php find this code:

if ($right_arrow == true) $this->table_row_parameters = 'onclick="window.location=\''.$right_arrow.'\'"';

Change it to this:

   if ($right_arrow == true) $this->table_row_parameters = 'onclick="window.location=\''.$right_arrow.'\'"' . ' onmouseover="this.style.cursor=\'pointer\'"';

Now it will change the mouse pointer to the traditional "hand". I'll update the contribution...

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