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address replaced by a comma


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My shop has worked fine for just under a year.

Without any updates or changes made recently (I did install paypal_IPN a while ago, with no problems), the "Order Process" emails suddenly have started appearing with a comma replacing the delivery and billing address - like this:


Delivery Address







I have been logging into the admin page and retrieving the delivery address from there for the time being. But then I received an email from a customer saying this:


"I am trying to order some of your products, when I go to pay it is telling me that there is no delivery address I have tried to amend this information 3 times but it continues to tell me the same."


so it looks like the problem is more serious if these two are related. Otherwise I have 2 problems.


Any ideas anyone?


Sorry if this has been covered before but I couldn't find anything after searching the forum.

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I don't think this one is going to get a quick fix...you may need to get someone in there to take a look through your code.


At first glance I would assume it is somehow related to checkout_process.php. However, the information is added to the database BEFORE the email is sent so it doesn't make sense that the customer would get a malformed email but the data still be entered correctly into the database.

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I believe that this sometimes happens when the address format is lost/corrupted. Check the address_format table (using PHPMyAdmin or similar) to make sure that there is something in there...


CREATE TABLE `address_format` (
 `address_format_id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
 `address_format` varchar(128) NOT NULL default '',
 `address_summary` varchar(48) NOT NULL default '',
 PRIMARY KEY  (`address_format_id`)

# Dumping data for table `address_format`

INSERT INTO `address_format` VALUES (1, '$firstname $lastname$cr$streets$cr$city, $postcode$cr$statecomma$country', '$city / $country');
INSERT INTO `address_format` VALUES (2, '$firstname $lastname$cr$streets$cr$city, $state    $postcode$cr$country', '$city, $state / $country');
INSERT INTO `address_format` VALUES (3, '$firstname $lastname$cr$streets$cr$city$cr$postcode - $statecomma$country', '$state / $country');
INSERT INTO `address_format` VALUES (4, '$firstname $lastname$cr$streets$cr$city ($postcode)$cr$country', '$postcode / $country');
INSERT INTO `address_format` VALUES (5, '$firstname $lastname$cr$streets$cr$postcode $city$cr$country', '$city / $country');

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everything seems to be there in phpmyadmin


Although I don't really know what I'm doing in it.

all these:

address format id




and also these:






all seem to be fine and just as you have written above


although PRIMARY KEY is just called PRIMARY i'm sure this is nothing


thanks for your help any futher ideas?

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