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Shipping Rates Help


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I have setup items and the catalog, made them taxable, added a weight of 1 lb. and then went to table weights, and item weights in the shipping module (admin). I gave it a price of 3:6.95, 4:7.95 etc...but nothing seems to work. I went in as a customer and order the aforementioned item and ordered 5 of them which would be 5 lbs. the the price does not reflect that. I tired uninstalling, reinstalling etc.. but to no avail. I have an entirely different site that needs to be set up the same way except it will be using UPS - will be shipping hardware etc......Any help from the community out there. I have several other clients looking into using this product as it is great! if I couold just get past the shipping piece.


On another note, how do you modify the front page of your catalog to not display "Products added fo November" but rather 1 or 2 products from each category?


Thanks for all the Help!

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I went in and set that to .25 (tare) and enabled the Table Weight - and set as this:


Enable Table Method

Do you want to offer table rate shipping?





Shipping Table

The shipping cost is based on the total cost or weight of items. Example: 25:8.50,50:5.50,etc.. Up to 25 charge 8.50, from there to 50 charge 5.50, etc





Table Method

The shipping cost is based on the order total or the total weight of the items ordered.


X weight



Handling Fee

Handling fee for this shipping method.



Tax Class

Use the following tax class on the shipping fee.

Taxable Goods


Shipping Zone

If a zone is selected, only enable this shipping method for that zone.



Sort Order

Sort order of display.


I then order 50 1lb. items = 50 lbs. - should be ?????

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you probably still have tare weight at 3, check the configuration/shipping for tare weight


I was having a similar problem. I'm selling both items that need shipping and those that don't and even those that have weight set to 0.0, I was still getting a shipping charge. Where is the tare weight at?? I can't find it to change it.



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