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Displaying multiple images but w/different pricing


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My store offers photographic prints - http://www.photographicjourney.com


Most prints are available in multiple sizes, say 4x6, 5x7, or 8x10. In order to make 3 versions available, I've been creating 3 new items - each of these items is the same photograph, but is a different size and a different price. I don't like the way this is set up and I know there has to be a better way to do it. I'd like to be able to add one new item (the 4 x 6 print) then have an option on the item screen so that the customer could 'click here' to see the same item in 5x7 or in 8x10. When the customer got to the screen for the different size, that screen should look just like the screen for the original size, but should display a different size version of the photograph and have the appropriate price for that photograph.


I found some contributions (in a different forum post) that will allow multipe images to be displayed for an item, but which do not allow for different pricing for the different images shown. These are the ones I found for the multiple images.





Can anyone point me at a contribution that will do what I need, or if not, tell me how to do it myself?

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if they are the same image why don't you just add sizes as attributes with diffrent prices

why woyld you need  multiple images.


Hi nana, The reason is that not only are 4 x 6's, 5 x 7's, and 8 x 10's different sizes, they are different shapes. A 4 x 6 is a wider picture then a 5 x 7 and a much wider picture then an 8 x 10 - they are cropped different, and the look of the image is different. They're not equivalent. Just as an example a 4 x 6 that is twice as 'tall' is an 8 x 12, not an 8 x 10. If I were buying a photograph, I'd want to see it cropped the way I was going to get it.

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I would use one of the contributions you found for multiple images. Mark each image with it's size (4x6, 5x7, 8x10). Then add the attributes for the different prices. Then, put some text in the product description that says "pictures come in different sizes. Please select the size below. Different image sizes will result in different cropping. Please see the image examples below to see exactlt what your size choice will look like."



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