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Swift Ink (Ink Store) - Basically Complete


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My web site has a few minor things that sitll need to be done, but for the most part, it's complete. Can you please comment?




By the way, please do not register or place any orders yet, as I am not ready to fulfill them.


first I have to say that the colours and design looks great, very proffesional looking in every way, well done with that


now on to a picky note, if your browser is 800x600 resolution then the main page is skewed a little, as in you need to scroll to the right to see the right of the page.


this is becuase the Hot Deals table is set to width="500" (your code is below)


<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="500" class="inks">


I would recomend that you set that to width="100%" (as shown below) as this will set the table to be the right size for the screen resolution.


<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%" class="inks">


thats the only page that I can see that I does this, every other page I visited had the page auto fit the resolution.


this is only my recomendation, I personaly think the site is very well layed out and the colours are great.


well done on that



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Well it is a very competitive market you are in and you have to be the best..............


The good news is that you are the best I have found yet! Your site actually recognised my Smartbase MP700 printer and chose the correct cartridges for it with no fuss!


Good clean llines and an attractive colour scheme, just enough to information to convince customers that you are worth a try and not enough to confuse them.

In other words, the right site for the job.


Just one thing I noticed that you need to change. You are clearly not a latin scholar.

i.e. means that is. You intended e.g. - for example

I could say that there is little about your company and your terms etc. but as a customer, I wouldn't have bothered to read it anyway. :D

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Aziz, very good, like i said before.

One point:

I dont know if you looked into it, but since you have My Account as a picture, when customer is done... will there be a link for LOG OUT?


Hello. Yes, a text-based log out link will show up if you are logged in.


Thanks for the tips all.

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