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Shared SSL - Two directories


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I have ben working on my oscomerce store for the last few days and got most of it set up the way that i wanted until i tried to enable SSL throuh my hosts Shared SSL. The way they have it set up is in the root directory there are three folders, only two are being used by me.


1) WWW - where all the public files are kept

2) Secure - where the SSL enabled files are kept


The way that they have i set up is that any file i want protected by SSL i have to put into the 'secure' folder meaning that there is a copy of the file from the 'www' folder in the 'secure' folder.


By looking through the forums at every body elses hassles with shared SSL i have come to the conclusion that I would be better buying my own SSL certificate. Can some people reccomend the best company to go through for SSL in terms of price and service?


Secondly my host hasnt been very helpful when it comes to assisting me in setting up oscommerce and say that I have to go at it on my own and by looking at others on the oscommerce forums that have the same prolem of different directories for the 'secure' folder they seem to think that it would be better and easier if the host would keep the 'seure' directory within the public directory.


So i looks like i will be ditching my host for someone more capable and with better service and also purchasing my own SSL certificate.


Can people please post there reccomendations for a Host in terms of value for money, service and features as well as who they think is the best provider for an SSL certificate.


Cheers, Tim.

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u get what you pay for as far as hoting goes.  low price, tougher to get support, etc, higher price great quality and bandwidth, etc

That's a bit harsh! There are some good quality, budget hosts out there that offer good quality, customer service, bandwidth and support.


Granted, not all budget hosts are good, but then not all pricey hosts are good either!

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