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The e-commerce.

Eliminar Bloques - Delete Blocks


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Hello, my english is so bad :blush: , im configuring a os commerce, and i dont find de option of select the blocks that i have to see and the blocks i havent want to see...


an other cuestion is how can i create a new payment form that is base in the style that de real shop have... in the real world people first have tu pay by a bank or by postal mail... but how can de own of de shop know which is the order of which pay? i sopouse that someone already have this problem and has find a solution.




Lo dejo escrito en espa?ol por si alguien entiende:


Hola, necesito saber como puedo hacer desde el menu o desde algun archivo php para elegir cuales bloques mostrar en el sitio y cuales no, alguien sabe como hacerlo?


la otra pregunta es m?s bien un planteo, el comercio para el que estoy haciendo el sitio ya tiene una metodologia de envios, el cliente encarga via telefonica, luego paga via tranferencia bancaria o giro postal y luego de que el pago es recibido se hace el envio a la persona por medio de cualquier empresa de transporte, la duda es como hace el due?o de la tienda para saber a cual pedido corresponde cual pago? planteo esto porque supongo que no soy el primero con este problema y tal vez alguno me puedo ayudar.





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The boxes that show in the left and right columns are determined by the catalog/includes/column_left and catalog/includes/column_right files. If you look at those 2 files, you will see calls to certain boxes (most of which are found in catalog/includes/boxes). You can change which boxes are shown and/or which column they appear in or which order they appear in by commenting out a call to a box, moving the call from column_left to column_right or vice versa and by changing the order within the column_left and column_right files.


Your payment methods are determined in your Admin area. If you are going to use a method that is in the stock installation of osC, you just need to enable it from within the Admin area. There are also many contributions in the contribution area for other payment methods, which may be added to your store. If you need a payment method that no one has yet written a contribution for, you will be faced with doing modifications to an existing method or creating one from scratch.

... if you want to REALLY see something that doesn't set up right out of the box without some tweaking,

try being a Foster Parent!

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