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Two Questions


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Hello people,


hoping for the benefit of others' experience here


1st - In coding my custom templates, based on the CSS-Fluid layout for the BTS, I defined the category box links as a list (Just because, if possible I like to try and do things semantically correctly). Thing is, I'm having trouble's getting the </li>'s in the right place, and nesting the lists.

Fairly sure I can solve it with time, but php isn't really my bag, and if i can save my self some time by following someone elses example, that would be big help.


2nd - I can see where and how to change the button images by replacing the files in "languages/english/images/buttons/" for example, but how can I set up a set of buttons to be tied to a specific template? Maybe with a 'buttons' folder in the templates file structure.


thanks in advance,



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no-one?? If you think I'd have better luck posting these somewhere else, please advise - as you can see, I'm fairly new round here


thanks, Nick


There should be a buttons folder in your templates, try images/english/buttons


There is a bts support thread in the contribution support section of the forum. Might be a good place for ideas and help.

The Knowledge Base is a wonderful thing.

Do you have a problem? Have you checked out Common Problems?

There are many very useful osC Contributions

Are you having trouble with a installed contribution? Have you checked out the support thread found Here

BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP!!! You did backup, right??

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