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Fair price to charge vendors for banner


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We have had several vendors inquire about putting a banner on our site, and I was just wondering what the going rate was for banners. How is the best way to set the price? Percentage of store sales? Clicks through to vendor? Number of site visitors? Number of page views? I would appreciate anyone?s feedback on how they are charging, and if anyone wants to share how much, that would be even better ;-).

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Yeah, that's kind of a tough one.

Banners don't have the weight it used. I would say the average now is around $3-5/1000 impressions.


Personally, I would look at the number of pageviews you are already getting, then figure out a monthly price. It's easier that way

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We are averaging about 2.4 million pageveiws per month, so would you multiply the pageviews by 0.003 to 0.005?

wow, that's alot of pageviews... you sure that's not hits? :blink: lol (common mistake)


Yes, that would be about right, then divvy that up between number of advertisers.

Bear in mind, ofcourse, that they may balk at paying that much, but ya never know

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I am sure that is pageviews, because we average about 16.6 million hits per month.


Thanks for your information on the cost.

ahh, there you go... usually, you can expect 10 or os hits to equal 1 pageview

Good numbers !

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