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This will seem simple to most of you, most likely, but not me so please help.


I'm wanting to display a box in the left when people are logged in, I already have the code to do this but I 'm bot sure of the opposite of this code?


if (!tep_session_is_registered('customer_id')) {
links etc here


This says to only display the code if the session is registered but how do I say if the session is not registered to not display something, for example, I'm wanting the logoff & login links to appear in my custom left hands side table, when logged in the login link goes and vica versa, this has probably been asked many times already but I cannot find anything on it and if there's any contributions it is not really worth the hassle because I only need it for these two links.

Thanks in advance for any time spared

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The "!" in front reverses the boolean...so that is read, "if tep_session_is_registered() is FALSE proceed with the control block".


That will execute code for guests...

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I cant get the left box to work as I want, is it possible to do this as does not the specified code have to follow after the include application statement?, well that's what the person who told me this code told me to put it after, can I include that code in a box or is there another way of doing this?

Thanks for the reply

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