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The e-commerce.

installation on iis


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I've setup php version 4... on iis 5.1 on xp pro, I keep getting this error message when trying to connect to my my existing database with the setup program:


A test connection made to the database was NOT successful.


The error message returned is:


Can't connect to MySQL server on 'WWW.DOMAIN.COM' (10060)


Please click on the Back button below to review your database server settings.


If you require help with your database server settings, please consult your hosting company.


I have tested php with the server info command and that works, I have changed my access IP in cpanel to my ip address but still no luck, p/w & username are correct so I'm stuck

Any Ideas anyone?

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I have a remote server with customized oscommerce, with cpanel on that, I'm trying to setup iis for local testing so i dont have to keep uploading to see what mistakes I've made, I've been trying to connect to my existing remote oscommerce database when setting up on local server, can I do this?

Also I've got mysql server installed locally with iis and php 4.3.9 (i think).

It gives the same result as I mentioned when trying to use remote database or setup local one, I think mysql is runnng properly, the monitor icon is here and says it's running but popsup with above error in oscommerce installation, it does actually connect to database, I'm sure of that, I must be doing something wrong?

Thanks for the reply

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if your remote is using cpanel, they are most likely using apache. thus you should dump iis and install apache, make it much easier. iis takes some configuring and if you are just learning how to use it, i suggest going with apache.

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apache seemed too confusing and too much work to configure it, I'll give it another try, anyways can I connect to existing osc database from another installation (new one) and use that as I only have one database?

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So i take it it's possible then, which apache is best suited for xp pro, osc and php together?


I just logged into hotmail checked my email, when i deleted them it went back to inbox and i had 250 MB of storage, i was well amazed it just happened like that, after 200 email's from ms telling they are upgrading i thought it would never happpen.... finally


ps. is apache a gui server?

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