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Browser does not refresh new css


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I am behind a win 98 server with a proxy server, and are curently running a linux box as the client. I use mandrake 10 and KDE - Konquoror & Mozilla as a web browser.

I curently run a Local copy of OSc on the client Linux box just for testing reasons before making the change on the live site. My http requests work through the win98 server back to me.


The problem is that when I make changes to "/catalog/stylesheet.css" file there is no change to the page. I have been at this for 3 days now and cannot figure out why it does not chage at all. If I rename it to say stylsheet111.css it still works, But if i delete it, then i get the error.


I've removed the (win) temp files and logs on the proxy server. I've removed the cookies, history, cache ect. Even if I change the colour of some images on the infoboxes ----- Still No luck....


My conclusion is that my browser does not actualy go and read the stylsheet on refresh


I hope there is someone out here thats got some insight into this !!!


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