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Problems processing order


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I am just about ready to go live with my installation of osCommerce. I've tested the system numerous times and it works perfect for me. Tonight I had a friend create an account and test it for me. That's where the problems begin. He is able to shop add items to the cart, check out, go to the payment processor, but when he comes back from the payment processor is where the problem occurs.


He never see's the order_success.php page, instead he is taken back to the main catalog page and a row for the order is never added to the database. He is on AOL and I did a search of the forum on that topic and found several items. Most seemed to deal with Setting require IP address to false, which I did. Also initially I was not saving sessions to the database, but I changed that so now it is. However neither of these things solved the problem. All other session configuration items are set to false with the exception of spiders which is set to true.


I had him disable his popup blocker thinking that might be the issue, and still it refuses to work correctly. AOL is his ISP, but he is using IE 6 as his browser. I believe he is running Windows 98 so XP service pack 2 is not an issue.


Anyone have any ideas where I should look next?

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I managed to fix/work around this issue. Because the categories on our site don't change, I have links to them hard coded in our menu, i.e /catalog/products.php?cPath=5.


After searching hi and low for any documented solution to this issue, and not finding anything I started trying everything I could. I ended up changing the link to the products page to an SSL connection i.e. https://www.oursite.com/catalog/products.php?cPath=5, and it appears that has solved the problem.


I am still confused though as to why this problem was occuring, again it was just a few customers who experienced it. The only clue I have to go on is that when the customer was directed to our payment gateway, of course it was through SSL, but when they came back to our site it was a non-SSL link and it was at that point where they did not get the payment success page and the order was not recorded in the database. However by changing the initial entrance into the shopping cart to SSL it appears that all subsequent pages are loaded through SSL.

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