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cookie problems? customer1 sees customer2's data


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I am going nuts trying to figure out why this is happening. The most recent occurence was reported by an Earthlink user. They apparently went to our site this morning (the 19th) and saw "welcome back <other customer's name>!" This other customer is not an Earthlink or AOL customer - - they use Telkom in South Africa.


I checked for cross-linked address book entries. Nope. Both users are fine.


I looked them up in osC Admin, and it shows that the Telkom customer reportedly last logged in on the 17th - - 2 days ago. The Earthlink customer reportedly last logged in on October 30th.


I have my session config as follows (but have been adjusting it trying to prevent this problem):



Session Directory /tmp

Force Cookie Use False Info

Check SSL Session ID True Info

Check User Agent False Info

Check IP Address False Info

Prevent Spider Sessions True Info

Recreate Session True Info


I'd turn on "Check IP Address" but I've read that it messes w/AOL customers, since AOL sends all of their users through proxies. I had "Force Cookie Use" turned on, but then started getting lots of bot requests for cookie_usage.php showing up in my access logs.


I have Bobby's (Chemo) page cache enabled, which, as I understand it, is not supposed to cache pages for logged in users nor render cached paged to logged in users.


I also have the normal caching turned on for category / manufacturer / also_featured boxes. I am suspicious of this caching causing the problem, but am hesitant to turn it off due to the performance increase I'm getting out of it.


This makes me nervous.





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