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The e-commerce.

feedback on my store


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hello people


i have just finished my first oscommerce e-commerce site Handicraftpalace.com


now i want to get ur comment and feedback on it.i have submitted to major search engines like google too,i have been getting about 25 hits everyday on my site.i launched 10 days ago,but till now no one has even registerd an account for purchase.i want to get ur advice ,how to make sales happen o n it??





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Nice start and interesting products and the website has that cluttered bazaar look about it Here are some pointers......


1. Change the blue buttons. They don't quite fit with your colour scheme. Not a disaster but you wil find better in the contributions section.


2. Images are slow to load. Are you using the resize in browser trick. If so get a thumbnail image contribution installed.


3. Do you really add on 10% tax to everything. Surely better to be up-front about it and include it in the price.


4. I want to know how much shipping will be before I register. I missed the shipping estimator first time round. So, to get this straight, if I buy a $9 singing bowl I will have to pay $37 in shipping charges, right? No thanks I'll buy it in the high street.


5. If I want to find out my IP address I have other ways of doing it.


6. I don't care how many vistors your site has had or when you added your products.


7. The osC cartoon things have got to go. Replace them by an empty image or one more in keeping with your site.


8. What do the flags do? I just get another copy of your site in English whichever flag I click.


9. Why advertise 100 top webshops? Do you want to lose the few customers you have?


10. Was that 25 unique visitors or just hits - ie. virtually no visitors?

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The front page has far too much on it, like radders has said, it has a bazaar feel to it but it is far too confusing to the human eye. You have too many Log in areas too, you only really need one.


You don't need both Top & Catalog either just make the Catalog into Home and remove the Top from the breadcrumb.


My personal opinion is get some lines around your boxes in the left & right hand columns, this might help it to not look so cluttered.


Good luck with your site



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