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Should I set up SSL pre or post install?


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I'm setting up a site for a customer and I'v only done very basic modifications but I have a question about setting up SSL.


1. I will be adding number of contributions. Is it better to choose SSL during the setup of osCommerce and install SSL from the beginning or after?


2. Once SSL is installed, is there anything special that I have to do to manage the site or add additional contributions?


Thanx, Dave.

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Just make sure that your host doesn't use the kind of setup where they give you an httpdocs folder and an httpsdocs folder for the ssl side of things. It plays havoc with configuration, and you have to duplicate all files in the httpdocs folder in the httpsdocs folder. Makes having a full ssl certificate virtually worthless (in my opinion).


If you choose SSL during a manual install of osCommerce then it's best if you have purchased and already installed the certiicate (makes life a bit easier). Otherwise you may want to just install without ssl, find out the path to your hosts shared ssl certificate and then alter the configure.php files to enable ssl and point the https entries to the shared ssl address.



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