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Credit Card Payments


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I think that what you are asking is this: "When a customer checks out using a credit card, does the payment module verify their credit card information?"


Different modules vary as to what they'll verify, but yes, if you use a payment gateway, then it will verify things like a) the credit card is a valid number, issued to that person, has the right expiration date. You can usually turn on/off CVV checking.



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rite but just 2 make things clear cuz im a bit of a dumbass lol. if i ordered sumthing using my credit card on the shop and for example the secpay module was installed. wud that module validate the card and address of cardholder? do u hav 2 sign up 2 secpay or sumthing 2 use this module so that the transaction can b processed and money transfered 2 business account?


which module is the best?



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Yes, you will still need a merchant account regardless of which module you install.


Once you're signed up for a merchant account (at secpay for example), you then install the correct module so that osCommerce can "talk" to the secway system.

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On a similar note....


My credit card processor gives me a price break if I provide a vcode for each charge. How can I edit the credit card module to ask for the vcode ()3 digit security code on the back of your credit card)?




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