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I installed the authorize admin using .htaccess contrib to try and lock my admin pages. I got it installed and then tryed going to the admin page. Now its working like its supposed to by locking the admin page out the problem is that its asking for my Shop Admin password but I never set one. Has anybody else had this problem with the contrib and is there a default password set in it somewhere that I have to use for the first entry?

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The .htaccess file that you placed in your admin folder contains the "path" to the "passwd" file on your system. The passwords are however "hashed" and not readable.


The documention with the contrib should have shown you how to add a user to the password file. If there is no user in that file then apache will still give you the pop-up login window, and of course never let you in until there is a valid user in the password file.


To get you in to admin while you are "playing" with the contrib, just rename the .htaccess file to .htaccces.sav and you'll be ok. Then once you have the user/password set-up renmae it back to .htaccess to test.




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