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Site messed up when bookmarked


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I've set up my site at christiancollages and it works great when you browse through everything. BUT, if you bookmark a product page and then go back to that page through the bookmark, the whole template becomes out of whack. Here is what it looks like when directly bookmarked Example You MUST close your browser after going to the main site link. Because if you go to the main site first and then to the bookmark, it works fine. It only happens after your browser has been closed and then you reopen it and go to that bookmark.


So does anyone have any idea what file i need to edit to fix this problem?? Thanks! mike

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When viewed with FireFox, your product info page looks out of whack whether it's bookmarked or not. I followed your first link then navigated to a product and it looked pretty screwy. You should check your tables to make sure that every tag is closed where you want it to be closed and the widths are set the way you want them.

Chris Dunning

osCommerce, Contributions Moderator Team


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Wow now im REALLY confused!! I just went to view my site in firefox (the latest 1.0 version) and everything looks correct.


Is there anyone else that can look at my site through firefox and let me know what you see?


Thanks! mike

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Can someone PLEASE help me with this problem? I can even pay someone a little money to help if they can fix the problem. Its costing me business :-( My site is messed up when someone bookmarks a product page on my website and then returns to it at later time.


Can anyone help? Thanks! Mike

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do u have spider sessions set to false?? is cache turned on?? what? are your sessions settings in admin?



prevent spider sessions is set to TRUE (but when set to false, i still have the same prob)

cache is set to TRUE (but when i set it to false, i still have the same prob)


Session Directory /tmp

Force Cookie Use True

Check SSL Session ID True

Check User Agent False

Check IP Address False

Prevent Spider Sessions True

Recreate Session False

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what do i turn off? i turned on and off everything in the sessions. the only page that has a problem is the product_info.php file but i dont even know what to look for to fix the problem.



ok nevermind. i fixed the problem!! it was the back button code i put into my template. im gonna have to figure out how to add that without messing up my template. thanks though!! mike

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