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attributes to product


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I've been checking the contribution area and have not found what I am looking for.


Does anyone know of a way to match product attributes to the product id. Or, if there is way to hard code them to what you want instead of having the attribute page assign them for you. I am not sure if this is even possible. What I'd like to be able to do is this...


Product id = 20

option attribute Red =20

option attribute Black =20

option attribute Size 7" =20


and so on.


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Thanks for replying Ed.


I have set up the quantity price break contrib. It works fine if same option attributes are chosen for a product. But I need it to be able to calculate any combination of option attributes for that product. What I think is happening is that each time a different option is added to the product, it thinks it is a new product altogether and does not add up to the quantity specified in the price break of the product admin. So, I'm also thinking if all of the option attributes match the product id, then it may see it as one product no matter what options are chosen for it and calculate the total number purchased.


I may be way off track with this logic, but I am hitting a wall with this.

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That may or may not fix quantity price break but will certainly break other things, like the cart. I would ask about this in the Quantity Price Break thread under Contribution Support.



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