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Broken images


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I've only been buzzing around these forums a week or so. But, the general rule of thumb is to include clippets of your code from specific files. Usually, as though it seems from topic to topic, the /catalog/includes/configure.php file is most widely where the problem exists.


So, you may want to open your configure.php file, copy the first section of settings and paste them in this forum topic. That will help all of us browsing look at your settings to be sure there are no errors.


I did visit your site. Looks good. Noticed a couple things though.


1.) Your page doesn't have a title. It says "Untitled Document". I believe you can remedy this in your /catalog/includes/languages/english.php file. You can define several other things here as well, so look over that file for other things you need to add (i.e. keywords).


2.) Your top image loads kinda slowly. It's a .jpg, which is okay, but you may try exporting it from your image software as a .gif. That will make it a smaller file in most cases. It is a nice top image though!


3.) Images seem to be referenced in different ways from index.php to other pages.


For example, notice the itty bitty arrow image in the Shopping Cart block (under the phone number on right). I right clicked on that little image and viewed the Properties. (you can do this for any of the images on your page to see the image URL).


From index.php page, that image URL was:



From, let's say, index.php/cPath/24, that image URL was:



Not sure how you've organized your files, but as far as I know, the configure.php file is set up to look at one image directory, /catalog/images/ by default. Maybe that's leading into your problem with images?


I don't know enough about how uploaded images are placed in the file schema to be able to help.


But, thought I would bring these observations up to you.

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