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The e-commerce.

My site details


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I tried to setup my oscommerce site and i am having a number of problems.


i was advised to setup a php file called phpinfo.php so I did and no i cant make any sense and ws hoping tht someone could translate this into laymans terms to install my shop.


All the info


Hope someone can help

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according to my host, my package does not come with mysql!!


I try to install using localhost as my hostname and get this message:


Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2)


im available on msn if you think u can help

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lol thanks for that brutal honesty burt, i have an idea..... I have only just signed up with this host so dont want to lose it so would this work?


I have also signed up with a free no-ads web host that supports mysql. Is there a way to redirect www.adexec.co.uk/shop for example to the free host webspace?

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If you are running an online shop, you should invest as much cash as you can into a reliable webhost. By reliable I mean one who answers questions promptly, one who knows the right answers to your questions and one who can help you out when all else fails.


Are you serious about wanting to use a free webhost for such an important project?


If you have not been with the webhost long (ie less than 2 weeks), just ask for your money back under the "Distance Selling Act". Or upgrade to the account that has MySQL.


Be serious about your site by investing the cash it needs.

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