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changing the way product options are displayed?


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id like to have the product options displayed side by side, in a table with heading labels above them if possible. the headings can be hand coded as all available products will have the same option types available, just different options are needed in the dropdown. its for a contact lense site, please see www.visiondirect.com for an example of what i mean.


i just feel that with 6-8 options it will look a little bad being listed verticaly. thanks in advance all, i really do apriticate it

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The appropriate code is in product_info.php. Just go down to where the attributes are displayed and tweak the HTML. The area starts with:

          <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2">
             <td class="main" colspan="2"><?php echo TEXT_PRODUCT_OPTIONS; ?></td>



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thanks alot medvid, hit the nail right on the head. i've been in there a million times, at one point i had the option_type contribution installed(still installed, but not going to use it), and had handcoded my tables and dropdowns and had the option_type feature just fill them in as if they were text. the reason for this was largly due to the fact that im going to be adding 50-100 options per item, and i was getting 404 errors due to timeouts.


do you, or does anyone know a workaround, possibly another way to add product options without using the admin panel, and without having to enter all the options into the sql database by hand? i remember seeing a page of an actual EXE that can be used, but it was beta at the time, and i cant seem to find the link anymore.


the more appropriate way to fix it would be to have the host raise the amount of time before a timeout, but they wont;not even for a small amount of time for me to get these products added.


the owner hated the fact that all options were available for all products(due to hardcoding them into productinfo.php) and i guess im back to the drawingboard with getting this working.


any input on getting this problem solved (even though it seems like im hijaking my own thread:)) would be apriticated. i have to say, even with all the problems ive had setting up osCommerce to our specific needs, it is a GREAT piece of software.

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