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Category ProductID advice needed


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I need some help with the category/product ID features. I scoured the forum, but didn't see any real pertinent posts.


I have a shop that offers handmade ink pens and other crafty items that come in natural woods (several) Dymond woods (several) and antler. Not all items are available in all materials (because the antler is too difficult to work with in larger diameters) and the pricing for each combination of item/material is different.


So far, I have added each item thusly: antler pen, antler key chain, antler letter opener, ..., natural wood pen, natural wood key chain, natural wood letter opener,...


Adding each option for each item mathematically will kick my butt! For instance, ink pens have point (2), clip (5), center ring (3), style (2), letter openers have a couple different blades, 3 types of key chains...


So, the questions:


Is there a smarter way to do what I am trying?

Are there any contributions available for this task?

Are there any more resources to read up on this set of features?

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2 contribs that may help are Attribute Manager or Attribute Sets. Also, I have Attribute Manager as part of my Unique Attributes contrib. Attribute Sets allow you to create a set of Attributes and then apply them to many products. Attribute Manager (and Unique Attributes) provide a checkbox approach for selecting your options. Each has pros and cons.



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