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Add new property fields to products?


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Am I just being dense, and missing the fabulously simple way of doing what I want to do?


I need to have additional properties on my products- not options for users to select, but behind-the-scenes order codes for my developers to use on a reporting backend (specifically I want each product to have an optional "InternalID" code, but I don't see any way of adding anything other than the default status/date available/productg name/tax class/product description etc etc fields.)


I can't believe that such a simple "add properties" function doesn't exist in OScommerce.. I can hack an extra field into the database if needed, but I'd rather avoid it if possible. :-\


Thanks in advance.

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if you want an 'internalid' field then you have to create that in the database, as you would have to in any application. and you can make it 'hidden' to keep track of what is going on.

your developers should know that if they deal with databases.

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I can't believe there's never been enough interest that OScommerce supports this out the box to be frank :-S


Something like this is what I'm talking about. :) Looks like I'm going to be doing it manually :(



Have you looked at the contribution 2202 Product Extra Fields?


We support osCommerce

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