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I've just installed osCommerce and used easypopulate to upload a stocklist for a food distributor. This has worked OK.


However, I now seek to do a bit of tweaking. The stocklist is divided into categories of foodstuffs, obviously. We've also got foods flagged in various ways -- vegetarian, low fat, kosher and so on.


Ideally, what I'd like is a situation where, for example, when someone clicks on the 'Tinned Soups' category they see both a display of all the tinned soups and various sub-categories marked 'Vegetarian', 'Low Fat', etc, and to repeat the pattern for all the other categories.


This, AIUI, can be acheived manually by creating sub-categories and copying items to them. However, since I've got over 6,000 products I'd like to avoid this by using MySQL to manipulate the data.


I've had a look at the tables in phpMyAdmin and I don't fully understand which fields I need to set (and to what) in which tables to make something appear in both a Category and a Sub-Category (or Sub-Categories). Can anyone help me? I can write the SQL easily enough but I'm not sure what I need to change.



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