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Price break contrib


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:'( I was under the impression that with the price break contrib, it would add up the total combinations of a product and when that total hits the magic number ...say 12 or more, then the prices on the cart page would drop to correct lower price. If I select a single option multiple times it adds up properly, if I select different options of the same product, then it does not change the prices when the 12 or more is reached.



price break works

1-183 Tiny Rings, Tiny Bolt Snap 7"- 9 1/2" qty-10 price 8.00 each

1-183 Tiny Rings, Tiny Bolt Snap 7"- 9 1/2" qty 2 because there are 12, the price changes to 5.75 each and shows correct price total in cart page.


price break fails

1-183 Tiny Rings, Tiny Bolt Snap 7"- 9 1/2" qty 10 -price 8.00 each

1-143 Large Rings, Large Trigger or Bolt Snap 10"-14 1/2" qty 2 - it all adds up to 12 but the price stays at 8.00 each.


These options are in the same drop down attribute box on the product page. Should they not all add up the same way? Maybe I am just not understanding the way this contrib works.


If you would like to see what I am talking about please go to http://handcraftcollars.com/catalog/ click on COLLARS >> SNAP AROUND TRAINING COLLAR and choose the example options above and you will get a better picture of what I am talking about.




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rather than making multiple posts, and in different threads (which is against forum rules), if your first question does not work, then reword the question a bit differently. if people dont answer then they probably havent come across the same issue as you have. play with it, experiment with the code, think of how YOU want it to be and then write it down. then read the code thru and see if it does what you want it to. if it doesnt, thenstart rewriting it the way you want it to work.

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I'm having the exact same trouble.


Order 5 red and 5 green and it will not give the 10+ item price break. This is a problem I have been trying to fix. If I find an answer I will pass it on. Hopefully someone else has already fixed it and is willing to share :) It's a awesome contri, just this small issue needs to be handled for some of use.

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