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Radio buttons gone haywire


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I'm using a mod that allows for different types of attribute buttons ie: radio, text input, disabled, etc. My problem is that my radio buttons don't act independantly for groups. That is to say, you can only click one radio button for the entire set of attributes. My boss is set on radio buttons, so I'm trying to make it work. Any suggestions? The mod is called osc_attributes_mod.2.02.


Secondly, it claims to have collegamento, which would allow for groups of things to be selected simultaeously. This part doesn't work either. Is it just me?

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are you trying to be able to do a multiple selection of attributes, or ???


i have not read thru the code on that one to see if it allows for a select multiple, perhaps find the contribution support thread and read thru it, there are probably answers in there

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