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Shops within shops...


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I would like to have a shop which has different categories (1st level) which in effect act as different shops in their own rights..ie:


If I have the umbrella (main) shop with the generic "look" of the site. within that one OSC installation, I would like to operate what would be in effect several shops, each with a different colour scheme - but which would all feed into the one shopping cart, and one account. Is this possible to do?


I hope I'm explaining this properly. I want to have shop A which is in effect a holding shop for shops b, c and d (related, but specialised shops). Shoppers shopping at shop a, might also want to buy things from shop b. i want to co-brand shop a with each of shops b, c and d...and have one shopping cart/account for people, so that cross-shoppers don't need to open an account at each.


Now, would the best way to organise this be to have these shops operate as 1st level categories? If so, can I get a different colour scheme / style sheet for each? Or is there a better way to do this?

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