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Search engines are picking up the Customer ID


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I have been noticing that search engines have been picking up the Customer ID in the url. Definitely not a good thing. I know if I enable cookies that this will stop, but will probably cause lots of ppl to have problems as well.


I'd like an explanation of what these 3 things do and what the disadvantage of having them on is.


Use Search-Engine Safe URLs (still in development)


Force Cookie Use


Prevent Spider Sessions


I'd love as much detail as someone can offer, but I have a few simple questions. Does preventing spider sessions stop search engines from coming to your site? Is it a good idea to enable search engine safe URLS? And what is the best way to stop search engines to storing the customer ID in with the URL?

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Use Search Engine Safe URL's = Doesn't work, don't enable them


Force Cookie Use = Only works if you have a full SSL installed


Prevent Spider Sessions = Set this to true to prevent search engines listed in spiders.txt file from creating session ids. This is what you want.



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