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The e-commerce.

plenty of issues


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had to change my isp, due to the fact they dont support SSL. So i am hosting my site my self, on an apache service.


with this the ISP who host my domain name will point there records to my IP address so i can still use the same domain name with the same company.


however i am having problems with permissions in windows explorer.


I am getting:-


Warning: I am able to write to the configuration file: c:/phpdev/www/catalog/includes/configure.php. This is a potential security risk - please set the right user permissions on this file.


When i right click on the file in Win Explorer -? Properties -? Security -? i am faced with several permission groups, Adminisatrator, system, D J. Smart, and users. Does anyone know the permissions that i set??

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if you are going to host your own at home on cable or dsl, first thing i will say is 'BIG MISTAKE'.

second, i would not use phpdev, i would use the full blown versions of apache, mysql, and php, not a packaged one. easier to do different things required to manage a server, since you are not just managing osCommerce.

so what os are you using? xp, w2k server, w2k3 server?

djsmart and users need to be read only

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Mibble is 110% right. Hosting on your own computer is not only a mistake - it's a joke! If you have more than one or two users at your site at any one time then watching the pages load will be like watching paint dry.


Just because your last host was a crock doesn't mean that they all are.



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Cool As French Connection UK (with out swearing), but, there is always a but, with hosting with another company you always have to adhere to there guide lines (which may not be so bad if you always want to comply to what they specify) and pay the cost. But if you can learn enough and perform the task?s yourself, then isn?t that better? Also I have a 1024 Kb Download and 256 Upload ADSL Line which would, I think, provide enough bandwidth for browsers.


I am a bit bitter at the moment, because my hosting company just stopped customers from using or buying a SSL certificate.


Managed to perfect (as humanly possible, or my capacity) my website and then they refused the SSL certificate. This really cheesed me off.


I know have to move the whole thing somewhere else, after, opening a business account, advertising and what not?..





Cheers peeps

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256 kb upload is not much at all. if you get more than 2 to 3 users connected, it will be dog slow and they will be hating it. better off finding a host (you can find from as low as $5 us, however you get what you pay for).

get a host who offers a shared ssl certificate.

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The webhosting industry is like most:

1) you get what you pay for

2) some businesses are horrible

3) some businesses are excellent

4) some employ rude jerks (I know one that has (had?) a class-action lawsuit against it

5) some employ knowledgeable friendly folks.


In my experience, residential DSL/Cable/Wireless will also have more connectivity hiccups than commercial webhosting.


Of course, if this is just a hobby, and you don't expect (or want) to have many customers, then by all means host it at home.



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