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Question dealing with product options


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Is there anyway to have ummm I guess "conditional" options would be the term.


ie. my products come in many different materials wood, acrylic, stone, etcc...


right now I just have everything offered under the title materials. What I would like to do is have








I Could do that, but then someone would click one of each and that would be a big mess.


Is there anyway to have them so that if someone selects say Materials:Wood - Bloodwood, then the other Materials options would become unclickable, or disappear?


I would also like it if there was someway that someone could select more than one option in a group. (i.e. I offer one product that you CAN select up to 4 different materials for. The only solution I have been able to think of so far has been to enter ALL of my materials 4 times) is there an easier way?




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