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Problem after Payment... 404 error!

Marvin Miller

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Hi guys;


I was wondering if anyone can help with some pointers on this issue. My site is using the Moneris gateway in testing mode. It's worked perfectly for a few months of testing but today I started getting an error.


What seems to be happening is that there is a problem when the payment module sends the data back to the site. Usually you get the nice screen saying the order is completed or the authorization failed screen.


Instead I'm getting a 404 error!


The URL seems valid to me (https://host212.ipowerweb.com/~frostysa/catalog/checkout_process.php?osCsid=19a489xxxxxxxxxxxx)


But my browser shows a 404 error. Anyone know what could cause this?


Best & Thanks;


Best & Thanks;

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Did you guys get your problem solved?


There must be something unusual with the ipowerweb recent change. I got the same error, starting from Novemeber 8th or 9th. Each day, I have to refund customers for the duplicated orders and have got lots complains. Some customers even tried the order4 or 5 times, and they are charged for each try.


Since Novemeber 8th, I noticed the server host212 have installed some new security utility. The order confirmations sent from our store are blocked as a spam. And each message sent from the store front by the customer is prefixed with an anti-spam header. I am not sure whether this is related to the checkout problem. But they happened almost the same time!


I am currently contacting the support at ipowerweb. Lets see if they can provide any suggestion for us.



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I too am having a similar problem, and I too am waiting on hold for IPowerWeb. Currently going on 1 hour on hold. If you guys are provided with any sort of solution please post it here.


Our checkout dies when the customer clicks the "Confirm Order" button, and it just spins it's wheels until it finally it comes up with "Page Cannot Be Displayed" and it never reaches the checkout_success.php page, and tables in the database never update properly, and completed orders never display under orders in the admin panel.

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Finally, I have located the source of the error but do not understand what's wrong with it.


I removed the following line:




in the checkout_process.php. Then the checkout_success page was displayed.


The php script failed in this function call. This function is from the linkpoint payment module, which simply sends the New Order Confirmation email to the store owner:

    function after_process() {

      global $insert_id, $HTTP_POST_VARS;

      // globals $CardName, $CardNumber;


if ( (defined('MODULE_PAYMENT_LINKPOINTMS1_EMAIL')) && (MODULE_PAYMENT_LINKPOINTMS1_EMAIL != 'NONE') ) { // send emails to other people

$message = 'AVSCode: ' . $GLOBALS[AVSCode] . "\n" . 'Address: ' . $GLOBALS['cc_address_avs_message'] . "\n" .'ZipCode: ' . $GLOBALS['cc_zipcode_avs_message'] . "\n" .'CardCode: ' . $GLOBALS['cc_cardcode_avs_message'] . "\n" . 'Order #:' . $insert_id . "\n\n" . 'Middle Credit Card Numbers: ' . $GLOBALS['cc_middle'] . "\n\n";

tep_mail('', MODULE_PAYMENT_LINKPOINTMS1_EMAIL, ' New order - Verification info', $message, STORE_OWNER, STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS, '');


  return false;


That explains why I cannot receive the order confirmation email since the error started.


What's wrong with the code? I cannot find anything wrong, and it DID work for a couple of months.


My guess is that ipowerweb has upgraded/changed their mailing system on the host, and this change causes the problem. On November 8th, I started to get the complains from the customers. And on the same day, I can no longer recieve the order confirmation generated by the above code. And on the same day, I noticed a change in the customer's email sent from the host212. The email was prefixed with an anti-spam header.


I am still waiting for a reply from their customer support.

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