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The e-commerce.

Look of the web site


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I'm trying to make the web site right in the middle of the page I DO NOT WANT IT TO BE FROM BORDER TO BORDER, I want it to be in a fixed position in the middle of the page, please help me where and which .php file do I modify, I have BTS1.31 installed and I'm lost here, I don't have a clue where to start. thanx in advance, you can e-mail me at [email protected]

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In your catalog/xxxxx.php files you will find the line

<!-- body //-->

. Right under that you will see

<table width="100%"

, that can be changed to

<table width="800" align="center"

or whatever width you want. It has to be done for every page.


Sorry I don't have a clean install for reference but the idea is there.



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Problem is that I have BTS installed allredy and the original files are allready changed, so none of these worked, please any other suggestions? Thanx in advanced.  :(


If you have bts installed you basically do the same thing just to the file in your template directory. I think it is called mainpage_tpl.php or something close.

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