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beanstream module


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does anyone know of a beanstream module updated to the latest version of osCommerce being contemplated?


It may not be appropriate to post this here and if so I appologize but would anyone be interested in quoting me to create this module to work with 2.2ms2?

Including sort order and zones?


If so please contact me [email protected]




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I do not have access to the module from this machine. It is on the system at Medalta. I received it directly from Beanstream Support.


You have two choices, contact Contact Beanstream directly and ask them for it or email me at [email protected] and I will send you the zip file.


If you want to look at it I have a test store set up at test shop,


I set you up an account:


username = [email protected]

password = 1234


this store is for testing only and will be active for a few months, I will blow it away after February 2005


You can process as many sales as you want to test it out, as well the PSigate module is installed if you want to compare the two. I spoke to reps from both companies and they assure me that they receive everything they need to process the transactions. The nice part is that the values are returned to the cart so your history shows up AND the cart is cleared.


Other than that between the two companies I think I am going with Beanstream.


They both have modules that work well in the cart.


They have identical Non-profit pricing, which would translate in to the same for a retail account I believe.


The only difference I have noted so far is that Beanstream responds to my email quicker both from the sales manager and the support group.


No disrespect to PSigate but my Beanstream contact's name is ( I think without verifiying at Medalta ) James Maclaughlin or something like that, the sales manager. James seems to know a hell of a lot more about the actual workings of the module than any other sales guru's from the other companies I have dealt with to date.


I don't know what will happen after I sign the contract. :P


The one thing I maybe should add as well is that other than replacing the stock images and tweaking the style sheet and some text on the pages I have not made ANY real changes to the software. If those that read this post have PHP programming experience and have changed things in the checkout process I don't know what the impact would be on the module. :blink:

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