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The e-commerce.

SQL Error


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I kept on getting this error when I try to setup oscommerce. I supply the datasource information and everything is okay until the app is trying to execute the oscommerce.sql file. I know that the file exist in the directory install, the app can't seem to find it. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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godaddy linux server have different root server directory,

something like: /home/content/u/s/e/YourSite/html/


instead of oscommerce default of: /home/content/s/h/o/YourSite/html/


email godaddy and ask for your root directory and change the install configure file prior continues.


good luck.



I ftp the entire folder "catalog" to my godaddy server space.  I create a mysql database, the connection between the app and the db is okay, the app just can't find oscommerce.sql file.

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I believe the path to the oscommerce.sql is set on line 44 in catalog/install/templates/pages/install_3.php where the variable $sql_file is defined as:

$sql_file = $dir_fs_www_root . 'install/oscommerce.sql';

You could try changing it to an absolute path:

$sql_file = '/home/content/u/s/e/YourSite/html/catalog/install/oscommerce.sql'; or whatever the path should be on your server.

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