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how to keep session id


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How do I keep from losing my session id? My home page is a basic html page with links to the osc catalog. When you click on a link on the home page to enter the catalog all is fine and you are assigned a session id. You can move through the catalog, shipping, privacy, etc pages no problem and keep your session id and all products that have been put into your cart.


The problem is when you leave the catalog pages and go back to the home page. After arriving at the home page, when you click a link to get back to your shopping and your cart, check out , etc. you are assigned a new session id and lose all of you cart contents.


I am assuming that I need to fix how I link from my home page to the catalog page but I am unsure as to how. My home page is outside of my catalog folder, if that helps.


Any ideas? Thank you!

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Because osCommerce is php based and your homepage is html based there's no reason why they can't be at the same level in your web root, provided that you don't mind people automatically going to your homepage first.


Web servers look for homepages in a certain order, which is something like index.htm, index.html,index.php,default.php etc. So, if you have an index.html at this sort of address - www.yourdomain.com, then even if you have an index.php page at www.yourdomain.com people will only see the html page - unless you provide people with a link to www.yourdomain.com/index.php.


Provided that you're happy with people coming to your html homepage first, and accessing your osCommerce site from there (or providing a direct link to the index.php page) then you can have both websites at the same level. Then it won't matter if your cookie domain is www.youdomain.com for both of the sites. The problem arises if your paths in your config files are to www.yourdomain.com/catalog/, and your html site is at the lower level.


I hope I've managed to explain this in an understandable way.



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