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Strange Problem with the PayPal Contrib


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Hi everyone,


I'm using the standart PayPal Contribution and i won't need the ipn version. But there is something wrong with this contibution. I can easily install it and it shows unp in the paymentsection when checking out as well. But as soon as i edit this contrib in the admin menu it won't show up in the paymentsection when chicking out again. It is like this contib uninstalls itself. The same happens if a new customer signs up - the paypal contib is lost again!


What could be the problem? Does anybody have an idea?


Thanks in advance... and sorry for my bad english.

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This contribution, despite its security related shortcomings, generally works well and without any installation problems. I suspect your problem has something to do with the way your website is handling sessions, or else there is a fault in your configure.php files.


Are you using files to store your sessions? If you are then start storing them in your database (less likely to lose the session that way), by changing the last line of both of your configure.php files to this


define('STORE_SESSIONS', 'mysql');


Have you been editing any file srecently and using the osCommerce File Manager to do it? If so, restore any of the files you have edited with original (unedited) copies.



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