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Unstable Font Size


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I have just had an osCommerce website designed and uploaded.

I see two different font sizes on the product descriptions, one too small, one too large.

The small size was the original font the designer used- the big font is newer.

The designer says they are all the same size.

I live in Thailand so I used an anonymizer website to see if it made a difference. This probably uses a proxy server based in the USA which is where my designer is based too.

Through the anonymizer all the fonts are the same larger size- the same size she insist is used through out. She showed me the script and it is, in fact, all the same.

I checked my website from two other computers one outside my network, this too had the two font sizes. Also my laptop that uses the same ADSL network connect as my PC. This shows only the big font.

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it's possible that your browser, or a local proxy cache, has cached an earlier version of the page. Clearing your browser cache, or SHIFT-Refresh (or CTRL-Refresh depending on your browser) should give you the current page.


You can tell for sure if this the problem simply by comparing results from "view source" when you go direct / use the proxy.



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jcall is right.


Additionally, OsCommmerce uses a css document for all the styles. If your programmer has made changes to it, your brower may not have noticed the changes. A simple way to fix this is to go to your stylesheet in your browser which by default is located at: catalog/stylesheet.css and once the page loads, refresh it. You should do this seperatly with the https: version as well

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Hi There,


Thank You for your help.


Here is the address to the site http://www.silverandshell.com/

I think have access to the script. I have all the password to the back office admin bits.


I tried clearing my cache by using a programme. Didn't work.


I tried to refresh http://www.silverandshell.com/catalog/stylesheet.css no luck.


The thing is I had the same two fonts on a different computer, outside of my network so it can't be my cache.


Not sure how to"view Source"


It is 4.30AM for me I have to stay up to keep in touch with my designer in the US :'( , the time difference is horrible. If I could sort this problem out tonight I can finally get a good nights sleep.

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Ok heregoes.

First of all, all your oscommerce files are located in your root directory so the css page isn't located in catalog/ but here: http://silverandshell.com/stylesheet.css


Taking a look in there I see for pageheading:


TD.pageHeading, DIV.pageHeading {

  font-family: Georgia;

  font-size: 20px;

  font-weight: bold;

  color: #9a9a9a;



Whoa! 20 px - that's large man!!!


Have your designer change that, and your problem will be solved, but will you see the change? Probably not untill you refresh http://silverandshell.com/stylesheet.css

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Let me take this 1 step at a time. (well for me its still 5:00 pm!)

If I go to a specific product on your site lets say for example to:


Pastel pink and yellow Sterling Silver bracelet.



The heading Pastel pink and yellow Sterling Silver bracelet. and the price $19.80 those are the words that are too large, is that correct?

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Hi Again,




Pastel pink and yellow Sterling Silver bracelet-

is too big yes-

but this font is the font she says runs throughout the product descriptions on every page.


Maybe for you the description fonts are all the same size as this?


When I look at the home page I see the original small font.


But not just on this computer I left the house and checked at an internet cafe same two sizes. My laptop only gets this large font though.

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Well now you're talking about comparing the home page to the product description (not to the product heading) .


No they're not the same at all. In the products page the description is placed inside <p></p> tags to which there's no referance in your css file, thus your browser will use its default settings for <p>. Whereas the descriptions on your homepage reside in <td align="center" class="smallText"> which taking a look in your css file is clearly specified to: font-family: Georgia;

font-size: 10pt;


Understand? I hope you do because I'm getting a little tired as well

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