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Says Customer is already completed


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I need some serious help, my database is major screwed up and I don't know how to fix it. :(

When someone clicks to become a customer and enters their info on the first page, then they click "continue" to go to the second page, it tells them that they are already a customer and must log in that way. Then it tells them it will send them a password and it never does.

These people have never finished registering, we've recreated this time after time with a rate of 100% in the office using made up names and addresses. We've cleared the cookies in the computers.... so if it's happening here, I know it's happening elsewhere, and the lack of orders kind of confirms that.

Help! What needs to be fixed?

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do you have a database backup?  It sound like you may have corruption in your address_book table or your customers table.




I had backed up as I installed each contribution that I put on, but I don't want to spend another month reinstalling all of my products. So I'd like to keep my customer database and product database, as well. What kinds of contributions would cause such a disaster?

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